Cute email I received from a childhood friend in Spain

Sammy Stu,

So chalk this up to the most random email you could get. So, in case you're not remembering me from our summer in the convent in Salamanca when we were...15?! What a sentence that is.

I was going through old albums and of course my whole album from that summer is the 2 of us. I have captions all over the album, like striped shirt boy, dancing on speakers in discos, flaming shots, and a debate between how weird the names taryn and Mariah were.

Anyway, I thought I would try and find you with the insanely connected world we live in due to technology. I found your amazing website, and thought I would contact you and give a 15 year later hello. Yes, that just made me feel quite old.

I would love to hear back from you. Some great memories from that summer, that truly you are the only one who knows!!!

Hope this finds you happy and healthy!

Best, Anonymous